My faith in prayer & my faith in general has never been so strong until today. I extremely do believe in prayer and praying to God & the saints. My prayers were answered today & I truly feel blessed. I am forever thankful & have learned from my mistakes. Even though your prayers may not come true, know that God still listens. Never give up on prayers.

When things go bad know this: “God doesn’t allow Bad things happen to you, they happen for you. God knows your plan to fulfill your destiny”

"Nothing in life happens to you, it happens for you. God wouldn’t have allowed it if he didn’t have a purpose."

It is seriously so hard for me to stay motivated this semester at school. I just want to quit already and be done. Having a job also aids my desire to quit school. I wish I could just fast forward through GE’s & take they stuff I want to take.

I love the smell of a Brand New Car :D

It’s so refreshing. Check your instagrams if you wanna see my new car!

Actually, I take it back, jury duty is very interesting

besides the whole waiting part, being questioned and being part of a jury is very intriguing. Also, its a good case, which makes it 10x more interesting!